Aleksandre Khachaturov, Bosna a Hercegovina

28. 8. 2019 -

I was lucky to spend my last summer semester in the capital of Bosnia and Hercegovina, in Sarajevo. I was there for exchange program Erasmus+ mobility from Mendel university in Brno. One semester I was studying economics at Sarajevo University, in School of Business and Economics. For those who does not know, there are new exchange program between EU and non-EU countries

Time, I spent there was totally different from time I usually spend in Czech Republic or in Georgia where I am originally coming from.  On the beginning I was afraid if I was doing right choose of the country or it could be the biggest mistake in my life. First question from each of my friends always was - why I am going directly there? Everybody knows about this country existing, but not everybody know what Bosna and Hercegovina is, their traditions, culture and history. On my first day in university when I did not know anything, I got big support from my classmates. They were happy to meet with me, to tell me a lot of interesting facts about their country, share lifehacks how to survive in Sarajevo and especially in the university, where to spend time and where to go out.  Sarajevo and generally Bosna is country where people are very relaxed, they never hurry up to work, to go on the meeting or prepare documents in time. They like coffee very much, especially their own Bosnian coffee that is practically the same as Turkish (but don’t say it to Bosnians please). In BiH people smoke always and everywhere. Restaurant, café, school or university is not border for smoking.  From the first view Bosna is a developing country that is still recovering after the Civil war, but still there are thousands of extremely beautiful places that everybody should visit!  Courses in Sarajevo University are similar to courses at Mendel University, so I did not have problems with it. I was really surprised with professors at Sarajevo University (School of Business and Economics). They had very interesting lectures based on real facts and real life. Who could imagen that Statistics of Macroeconomy can be interesting?! Ha-ha. There were some difficulties with course enrollment, getting residence permit, but everything is possible to manage. Now, after finishing my mobility, I can proudly say that I am glad that I chose Bosna and Hercegovina for spending a whole semester of my Erasmus! ONCE ERASMUS ALWAYS ERAMUS!